What if you only have two bad choices?

The phrase "between a rock and a hard place" comes to mind when one has to choose between two bad choices. Choosing between two bad choices happens all the time, but the fact is, usually it's a set up and is not necessary. There are always more choices, and that may include not making any choice at the moment. Oftentimes we are faced with some outside influence trying to force a choice on us that is not beneficial. 

It could be a boss, a spouse, a child or anyone who is telling you that you must choose between only this or that, or they might throw a "my way or the highway" attitude at you. The truth is these types of choices are rarely the only two choices that can be made and are a complete fabrication by the person or persons wanting you to make these bad choices for yourself.

Think outside the box -- When given ultimatums or two choices that do not fit into your way of being then it's up to you to find other choices than those presented to you. Regardless of what has been said, there may be more alternatives. If you can determine why these two choices in particular have been given, you can likely come up with options to present that may not have been considered.

Consider the consequences -- When thinking about the choices before you, write down the impact these choices will have on you and those around you. Write down the positive and the negative consequences of each choice, action, and reaction associated with your choices.

Gather all the information -- Consider whether or not you actually have all the information needed to make an informed choice. If you're not sure, ask questions and find the information.  Don't accept the first answer if it does not make sense. Find outside help to explore other options if needed.

Remember, every decision and choice you make in your life carries forward into the future consequences that you might not have considered if you do not take time to write it all down and create  a true picture of the most realistic and accurate choices available to you.