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Suicide – an unthinkable act and uncomfortable conversation to help heal the pain of survivors

Saturday, November 21st is the 11th Annual National Survivors of Suicide Day sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Foundation Prevention (AFSP). “A Day of Healing for Survivors of Suicide Loss around the US and the World,” according to their website. Read more »


Small business can help stop internet scams

Since I wrote my post, Store Order Alert from Australia I have received increased web traffic, web contact comments, and even a phone call thanking me for the post.

Increasing my web traffic was not my intent. My goal was to inform others about such schemes. But I do admit, I am thrilled to learn it is helping stem this crime. Read more »


Unconditional Love and Resiliency – "Grandma’s Leadership Garden" Series - Part 3

The unconditional love of a Grandparent and the ability to see the true essence of a grandchild is our specialty.

According Dr. Arthur Karnhaber, M.D., president of the Foundation for Grandparenting and author of several books on the subject including, The Grandparent Guide (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Book, 2002), “. . . the grandparent/grandchild relationship is an illuminating relationship comprised of the purest form of human love: unconditional, nonjudgmental, and freely given simply because the person exists.” Read more »


Store Order Scam Alert from Australia

I wanted to share the latest internet scam I encountered in order to alert other unsuspecting sellers on the internet.

On Monday of last week, I received this email:


Bullying Prevention Begins With Each of Us

As a woman who knows first-hand the pain and anger of losing a loved one to suicide, I was very saddened and a bit outraged to learn of yet another bullied eleven-year-old boy who died by suicide within a week of another. Read more »