Cultivation Grants


The Cultivation Grants support the natural leadership development in individuals and groups to sprout greatness with a unique purpose and aim.

The goal is to provide seed money for the creation of projects that will address the root causes of the social and environmental issues we face today, using the six leader-friendly gardening practices.

The objectives are to:

  • Empower Members to create and implement leader-friendly gardening practice Projects
  • Engage Members in using the principles and practices for growing a thriving Leadership Garden
  • Recognize innovative and creative Leadership Garden "Practice Projects" that make a positive difference in the lives of the Members and those they serve
  • Re-sow the seeds of greatness in the homes, schools, communities, businesses and organizations of the Members.

How the Fund works:

  • The owner of Leadership Garden Enterprises, LLC established the fund in December 2008, with an ongoing commitment to dedicate 11% of company proceeds into the Fund.
  • Registry members, through their membership and product and service purchases, help grow the Fund and constitute the local and online global community growth momentum.
  • Practice Project grants advance and strengthen the Member's unique organizational mission by providing the opportunity to practice their skills and make an impact locally.

In this partnership, the growth of the Fund and number of Practice Projects funded depends directly on the Leadership Garden Legacy growth cycle designed to: educate, empower, and engage your unique leadership ability and re-sow the seeds of greatness around you.

However, this really is about you and your organization developing your natural leadership abilities to make the difference that only you can make as your unique legacy. In doing so, you expand your organization's reach and help turn rocky soil into fertile ground. Through this ongoing process, you nurture and grow the human potential in everyone - especially children - as a global Leadership Garden Legacy.

Grant Administration:

The Leadership Garden Fund is administered through ImpactAssets of the Calvert Foundation on behalf of the owner of Leadership Garden Enterprises LLC.

As the administrator of the Fund, the Calvert Foundation retains the right for final approval of all grant recommendation to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws governing foundation operation and charitable giving.

To learn more about our chosen Fund administrator and social investment funds, visit: www.impactassets.org/giving-fund