Every person is a unique seed in the world’s garden.
Each seed grows a leader from which greatness can blossom.
Imagine the future of our planet if we nurture each child to sprout greatness.
— Debra J. Slover

Empowerment Workshops

Leadership Garden 3-day Empowerment Workshop

This workshop is for those serving in a formal educational capacity with a focus on the key role you play in the leadership development of those you serve:

  • elementary teachers, middle school teachers, or high school teachers
  • administrators and district professional development staff
  • positive youth development specialists, youth group advisors, or coaches
"This workshop has been nothing but amazing, challenging, humbling, refreshing, and a true honor. I found this journey to be UNIQUE (no pun intended) and such a rich, cultivating path to take to learn some new, yet very simple strategies and techniques." - Kourtney Shreve, SLC Teacher
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In this workshop, you take a step-by-step facilitated journey and learn how you grow, nurture, and express your leadership in the environment you serve. It is designed to:

  • distinguish your individual Leadership Garden condition
  • learn how to balance and blend the four key leader behaviors
  • integrate leader-friendly gardening practices into your school or organization
  • invent or clarify your personal and organizational unique purpose and aim
  • understand and utilize the attributes of effective leadership
  • learn the circle of commitment and understand the "Commitment Paradox"
  • practice effective communication

The outcomes are to:

  • cultivate and enrich the soil of your personal Leadership Garden
  • empower you to facilitate the growth of youth Leadership Gardens using the Kid's empowerment tools
  • engage and support you in the creation of leader-friendly gardening Practice Projects within your school, youth group, or team environment

Current workshops scheduled: None, available upon request.

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