Start today and become a leader-friendly gardener

Empowering personal leadership and sprouting greatness is the basis of our metaphor and the purpose of the Cultivation Grants "Practice Projects." You become great through practice. Greatness that lies dormant in the heart, mind, and spirit of the human leader is a wasted precious resource in the world’s Leadership Garden.

We have created the Leadership Garden Fund Cultivation Grants to support thriving leader behaviors that awaken the best in our human spirit. The Practice Project categories are consistent with the six leader-friendly gardening practices:

  • Inclusion Projects - Be nonjudgmental
  • Safe and Healthy Community Projects - Do not enable
  • Compassion Projects- Use empathy
  • Kindness Projects - Prune gossip
  • Accountability Projects - Eliminate blame
  • Healing Projects - Eradicate Victimization

Imagine the future of our planet if these projects and practices became the norm for all family, school, community, and business behavior.

To learn more, see the Cultivation Grants overview, who is eligible and criteria, the Practice Project development process, and application.