Every person is a unique seed in the world’s garden.
Each seed grows a leader from which greatness can blossom.
Imagine the future of our planet if we nurture each child to sprout greatness.
— Debra J. Slover

Leader Balance Workshop

Available upon request

Each individual brings their own unique perspective, agenda, and behaviors to a group. These either enhance or impede the group process.

Learning to balance, blend, and expand the four leader behaviors: visualize, organize, harmonize, and energize is essential to the success of a group and individuals in balancing work, home, and play.

This workshop is designed to:

  • identify your current leader behavioral balance through the Leader Balance Wheel exercise
  • assess your group balance and how you can most effectively contribute your strengths
  • understand the thriving and surviving tendencies of each behavior, the challenges you and your group may face as a result, and ways to overcome these barriers

Length: 1.5-2 hours Group size: 10-50 participants Fee: $500, plus travel expenses for facilitator. Fee includes materials. Type of group: Any business, coalition, or organization that has a mission and goal that is dependent upon effective teamwork will benefit.