Our Company

Leadership Garden® Enterprise, LLC was formed in 2007, as the corporate structure to support the Leadership Garden Legacy Framework.

We are located in the heart of Oregon's, lush green Willamette Valley; commonly known as the "grass seed capital of the world." A fitting locale to seed and nurture the Leadership Garden Legacy.

  • Our VISION is a thriving worldwide Leadership Garden Legacy where each child's unique leadership potential blossoms into greatness.
  • Our PURPOSE is to sprout greatness by empowering the extraordinary leader in you.
  • Our MISSION is to create fertile ground for children to grow and thrive by empowering the leader in everyone.
  • Our GOAL is to seed and nurture 11 million Leadership Gardens across the globe in individuals, families, schools, communities, and businesses by 12/13/2014.
How we will accomplish this? By educating, empowering, and engaging the unique leader in you. To find your greatness, sign-up here as my gift to you!

In keeping with our acronym theme, we operate from the following values (A.C.T.I.O.N.S.) that are true to our vision, purpose, mission, and goal:

  • Acknowledgment: honor and be in service of others
  • Commitment: remain steadfast to our unique purpose and aim
  • Trust: practice the extraordinary power of listening for greatness
  • Integrity: be authentic and responsible for who we are with others
  • Ownership: empower  the human gift of "choice" to create thriving experiences
  • Nurture: be at peace with and embrace life’s changing seasons
  • Synergy: work with others to sprout leadership greatness on the planet

Growing your personal or group Leadership Garden is the action you can take to create a thriving future for those around you and make the difference you want, now and for future generations.

You now know where we are from and what we stand for as entrepreneurs; but most importantly, we are parents and grandparents. Our hope is you will join us to live and leave a thriving Leadership Garden Legacy for the sake of all children and grandchildren on our planet.


Debra & Terry Slover, Owners

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