Help us seed and nurture 11 million Leadership Gardens

The Registry is a business, philanthropic, and community effort based upon a positive framework of education, empowerment, and engagement.

We begin by seeding personal leadership that is grounded in leader-friendly gardening practices. These practices help to address the root causes of a myriad of social concerns that plague our daily lives and our world.

Your Membership Will Make A Difference

By becoming a part of the Registry, you are helping create a network of people and pool of resources that will make the world a better place to live, work, and play through the leader-friendly gardening "Practice Project" grants.

We seeded the Leadership Garden Fund to support these Cultivation Grants. You help grow the Fund through your product and service purchases, and membership. In this process, you get discounts, and together a collective Leadership Garden Legacy will emerge.

Just imagine . . .

Eleven million people willing to address the toxic behaviors that cause harm to individuals, families, schools, communities, and businesses . . . then committing to practice: being nonjudgmental, not enabling harmful behaviors, using empathy, pruning gossip, eliminating blame, and eradicating victimization.

That is what the Leadership Garden Legacy is all about - seeding and nurturing thriving leadership, now and for future generations. It is only through practice do we learn how to grow and thrive. And it is through this practice the true leader inside blossoms.

To support these practices, we dedicate 11% of our company product and services proceeds, along with 33% of the membership fees to make available the Cultivation Grants for eligible member organizations. These grants support the creation of the following Practice Projects:

  • Inclusion
  • Safe and Healthy Communities
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Accountability
  • Healing

A heart warming demonstration of the first Practice Project took place in June 2010, with 30 children from the Baldwin Center in the impoverished center of Pontiac, Michigan. I invite you to read their story and meet the children.

But before you go there, let's get personal.

The Leadership Garden Registry provides you the:

  • recognition that you are a unique leader
  • tools and skills you need to grow thriving leadership
  • opportunity to make a profound difference in your life and the life of others

Isn't that what true leadership is really about? Making a difference.

Why is this so important?

We are living in unprecedented times, calling for a dramatic shift in our view life and leadership. The traditional  model of leadership is based on the notion that . . . there are the leaders (the people in charge) and there are followers (all the rest of the people).

Some believe is has to be this way in order to maintain a sense of cohesiveness, direction, and order in our social units.  And some just don't want the responsibility that goes with leading a company or leading the country. But in this model, designated leaders are provided ample recognition, skills, and leadership opportunity.

But what if you want to be a follower?

You are still a leader. The root of the word leadership is "lead." To lead simply means guide and direct. You are the one in charge of guiding and directing your life:

  • If you want to improve your relationships, it’s up to you
  • If you want to find a new job, or get a job, it's up to you
  • If you want to increase your productivity, it's up to you
  • If you want to strengthen your faith, it is up to you
  • If you want to lose weight, it's up to you
  • If you want to have personal power, it’s up to you
  • If you want to change the status quo, it’s up to you
  • If you want to achieve your highest ideals, it’s up to you

There is no getting around it. Others may assist you along the way in achieving what you want, but in the end, it's up to you to grow and develop your unique blend of leadership skills to achieve all that you desire.

When you align your heart, mind, and spirit  with your unique purpose and aim in life . . . your leadership will flourish. This is the kind of leadership required to achieve and flourish in the 21st. Century.

But it takes practice

Often times that includes digging deep to weed the things that do not empower you, while seeding what you desire.  Yet, in that process, working side-by-side with others helps make the weeding and seeding process much easier, more powerful, and a lot more fun.

Together We Can Make A Difference

This is not just some worn out phrase. It is the only way we can survive, and ultimately thrive, on this planet together. The "survival of the fittest" and leadership from the top down, no longer serves our world, nor does it empower thriving leadership and human dignity for all on our planet.

That is why we created the Registry to support the Fund. Our grant opportunities are not just for children. Yet, children are the future leaders now. They are the best hope for a bright future. Investing today in their leadership development will pay great dividends in the long-term.

It only takes a small commitment and tiny investment on the part of everyone to make a huge difference.

I hope you will join me and help lead the way to a thriving future for everyone.