Registry Membership Options

Lifetime Member Category Registry Fees:

Beyond dedicating 11% of our proceeds from your product and service purchases, this portion of your membership fee goes to the Leadership Garden Fund:

  • Individual/family - $10
  • Group or organization, per location - $20
  • Businesses: under 50 employees - $40
  • Businesses: over 50 employees - $60

If you would like to make a direct tax-deductible donation to the Fund, see the Patron Member information below.

Lifetime Member Benefits:

  1. Free MP3 download of the Leadership Garden empowerment audio book U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within (regularly $14.95)
  2. 11% discount on all products and services, including bulk discounts
  3. Your own profile page to share stories and network with other members
  4. Members only eligibility for Cultivation Grants (must be a not-for-profit, school, or institution or have a *sponsor member group)

*An individual/family or business member can create and support a leader-friendly gardening Practice Project, but must have an eligible Registry member sponsor serve as the grantee.

For example:

  • A grandparent wants to work with a grandchild’s school to conduct a Practice Project that the grandparent and granchildren created together. The grandchild’s school/class must become a Registry member and serve as the grantee.
  • A business could sponsor a local school or charity's membership and collaborate on a Practice Project in their community.

All membership fees are non-refundable. However, Registry members can unsubscribe from the community network at any time.

*Cultivation Grants Eligible Category:

  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Schools
  • Institutions

Patron Member Benefits:

All Lifetime Member Benefits, plus:

  1. An additional, 11% discount on products and services, including bulk discounts.
  2. For each grant season, after screening by staff for project and organizational eligibility, a randomly selected group of Patron Members will form the grant committee to choose the quarterly grant recipients.

Patron Member Fee - $250 minimum donation**

**How It Works:

Individuals, businesses, or organizations support the Practice Project grant-making by making a minimum $250 or more tax-deductible donation to provide direct support to the growth of the Leadership Garden Fund:

  • Patron Member donations (minimum $250) are made payable by check to: ImpactAssets: Giving Fund on behalf of the Leadership Garden Fund.
  • Checks are mailed directly to the:

     c/o Calvert Foundation
     7315 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1000W
     Bethesda, MD 20814

  • Patron Member donations are deposited directly into the irrevocable fund with the ImpactAssets; Giving Fund of the Calvert Foundation and are therefore, non-refundable.
  • A donation letter acknowledging your tax deductible donation will come directly from ImpactAssets on behalf of the Leadership Garden Fund.
  • Patron Members will receive a letter of acknowledgment and a Leadership Garden Legacy Patron Membership Certificate and access to set-up member profile.

The Leadership Garden Fund is administered by the ImpactAssets: Giving Fund of the Calvert Foundation on behalf of the owner of Leadership Garden Enterprises, LLC.

To learn more about our chosen Fund Administrator and social investment funds, visit: ImpactAssets: Giving Fund

Leadership Garden Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to reject membership of individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses whose mission is not consistent with the eight principles and practices of growing thriving Leadership Gardens.