Back to Nature

You can't plant a garden, walk away, and expect it to flourish on its own - without some kind of human care. The same is true of your Leadership Garden.

Our service aim is to empower and engage individuals and groups in growing thriving leadership. Empower means to endow with an ability. Leadership is an act of guidance or direction. We connect the two to form our leadership development framework (educate, empower, and engage) that will unearth the true leader in everyone.

This universal framework allows anyone to build the leadership skills that express a unique purpose and aim, and apply these skills to all relationships, positions, and roles you play throughout four life-changing seasons:


The most important leadership role you'll ever have is that of human being. The growth cycle begins and ends at home, in either fertile ground or rocky soil. Even if you don't become a parent or grandparent, you will still enter each of these life-changing seasons. 

Seeding, weeding, and tending your Leadership Garden transcends all other jobs, positions, or titles you may hold. This is the type of leadership you engage for a lifetime.

Our Empowerment Process

The Leadership Garden facilitated series attends to these age-old questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • How do I matter?
  • How do I achieve my goals?
  • How do I sustain my leadership and enthusiasm?.

Leadership in this context is not a job, position, or title -- rather a way of life that expresses your imagination, purpose, and spirit to make the difference you desire.

We use metaphor, allegory, written exercises, listening, discussion, play, and real life application to answer those questions and discover your deepest desires, as well as explore:

  • What does it really mean to lead?
  • How do I influence those around me?
  • And most importantly, why should I care about my leadership?

While the learning objectives and outcomes are universal, the facilitated process is specific to the audience categories we serve (individual, family, school, community, business) and your life roles within those categories.

Currently we offer our facilitated workshops and training the good old-fashioned way; face-to-face.

Our educational partner, the Division of Extended Programs at Western Oregon University (WOU) affords us the opportunity to conduct a series of "UNIQUE Leadership" workshops customized for your staff, and provide them optional Professional Development Seminar (PDS) credit. At your request, the workshop can be conducted on-site.

For those who want to help facilitate the Leadership Garden empowerment process in homes, schools, communities, and businesses we also offer facilitator training.

Choose your path:

  • Leader Balance Workshop - this two-hour introductory workshop is ideal for schools, businesses, organizations, coalitions, and other groups. It will help you blend, balance, and expand four key leader behaviors that will enrich your team interactions.
  • Empowerment Series Workshops - these 2-day or 3-day workshops are ideal for grandparents, parents, teachers, coaches, and youth group advisors who are ready to take an active role in creating fertile ground for youth to flourish.
  • Facilitator Training - enables you to conduct Empowerment Workshops as a licensed or certified facilitator.
  • Speaking - the "Leadership Garden Legacy" keynote presentation is ideal for conferences, meetings, and events where planners want to inspire their audience's natural leadership.
  • Coaching - individual and group support for the expansion of your Leadership Garden.