Debra J. Slover is a passionate speaker that blends information, inspiration, and her undying commitment to empower the extraordinary unstoppable leadership in everyone she meets.

She offers a "Leadership Garden Legacy" Keynote Presentation, customized to your group that is sure to inspire "the leader within" your audience. Debra includes a Leader Balance Workshop break out session, if you so desire, as part of her keynote speaking fee. This workshop is a favorite for large and small groups in a variety of conference, meeting, and retreat settings.

In addition, Debra can customize presentations to meet your group needs on any of the principles and practices for growing a thriving leadership. Topics include:

  • empowerment principles
  • how unique leadership develops (the brain science)
  • removing barriers (the weeding and seeding process)
  • leader-friendly gardening practices
  • inventing purpose and aim
  • integrity and other attributes of leadership
  • commitment and the commitment paradox
  • effective communication

If you would like to have Debra speak to your group, or book a conference or event presentation, email Stephanie, phone: 256-489-1738, or fill in your request on our contact form for a personalized response.