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The Leadership Garden Guidebook
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Author: Debra J. Slover

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Step-by-step exercises to create your own path to a "Leadership Garden": a set of principles and guidelines to move from being a confused and befuddled passive participant in life, to becoming a strong, self-confident leader who earns the respect of others, and who earns the harder-to-win respect of your own self.

Designed especially to be used in conjunction with either of Slover's other books, U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within (print or audiobook) , yet also capable of standing alone, this workbook contains page after page of tools to develop leadership within yourself —and for parents, grandparents, colleagues, managers, coaches, clergy, and teachers to develop the leadership skills and inner strengths of their protégés and mentees.

With visual aids and written exercises, Slover walks the reader through empowerment of self and others, using these six leader-friendly gardening practices: being nonjudgmental, not enabling, using empathy, pruning gossip, eliminating blame, and eradicating victimization. Those who follow her instructions create fertile ground where they and others can flourish.

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