Every person is a unique seed in the world’s garden.
Each seed grows a leader from which greatness can blossom.
Imagine the future of our planet if we nurture each child to sprout greatness.
— Debra J. Slover

What will you leave behind?

Grandparent love

It’s not often that you are asked to ponder the question: “What is my life legacy?”

This is not just 'a' question; it is instead THE question. It goes to the very heart of human existence and leadership.

It is an emotional question for many and a reminder of our own mortality. However, the answer is simpler than most believe.

After all is said and done, your legacy consists solely of what you have felt or done to support your core beliefs, and how those beliefs have affected those around you. It is not heredity, fate, or circumstances that determine your legacy . . . it is you. How you think, how you feel, and how you behave tells your human story . . . that story is your unique leadership legacy.

The Leadership Garden Legacy helps you clarify your core beliefs in terms of personal leadership and allows you to leave a legacy that transcends possessions and money. The benefit to others now and in the future is immeasurable.

Empowering children's unique leadership is the gateway to a thriving future for everyone.

How? Life contains a mixture, and range, of human emotion and human behavior . . . there is no question, children absorb the human environmental nutrients and toxins of those around them. They are a reflection our personal and collective human leadership legacy.

When you consciously "plant" your Leadership Garden, you make room for changes you want to see. By taking the simple steps to seed and nurture what you want and weed what you don't, you become the natural steward of your Leadership Garden Legacy. Now fully equipped to re-sow the leadership seeds of greatness around you, it is guaranteed you will live and leave the legacy you desire.

Our aim is to provide the leadership development tools, support, and resources you need to empower what you truly desire.